We are academics family historians archivists museum professionals local historians genealogists all passionate about history

Are you seeking a deeper understanding of the past? Whatever your role, profession or project, historians of all types could benefit greatly from learning or utilising each others complementary skills and interests.

Different groups of historians work in similar ways, often on the same sources, inside the same buildings towards similar goals. However, it can be hard to find out what other people are doing, particularly if they are seen as being a different ‘type’ of researcher. How do academics know what family historians are doing, and vice versa? Or museums professionals and local historians? 

Let’s break free of our silos and come together – whatever space (physical and metaphorical) we are used to working within.

People working in different spaces

It’s clear that different researchers may have information, approaches or skills that we can benefit from – if only we knew about them. Spaces where all sorts of researchers can come together to exchange details are few and far between. Too often we remain stuck in ‘our’ world, talking only with ‘our’ types of researchers. How much do we all lose as a result of this?

Historians Collaborate aims to bring historians of all types and experience levels together, to discover ways of sharing our different skills, experiences and projects.

Consider this your personal invitation to get involved! We’re open to suggestions and ideas to encourage greater collaboration.

It’s time to work together.

We want to provide ways to speak to each other, find out more about what we’re all doing – and ideally how we can learn from and support each other’s research. It means looking beyond categories and being open to different approaches.