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Family History Workshops

Organised by Julia Laite (Birkbeck, University of London) in partnership with the Raphael Samuel History Centre and Historians Collaborate. These workshops are generously funded by the British Academy.

Who can attend?

Historians of all types: amateur, professional, something in between. We only ask that you have an interest in family history.

Our mosaic of free online workshops...

The Ethics of Family History

Examine the very practice of family history and microhistory. What are we doing when we tell the small stories of our own and other people's families? Are there ethical issues with digitalizing, naming and communicating the experiences of the dead?

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Migrant Ancestors & The Politics of Mobility

As parts of huge waves of emigration from the British Isles, our family members past can be found across the world. Whether emigrating from or to the British Isles. This session will focus on the context and experience of migration to and from the British Isles and the British empire.

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Telling Small Stories, Telling Big Stories

This event will bring together academic historians working on family histories and family historians to explore the role of family stories for histories of communities, nations and the world.

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17th June - Further booking info coming soon.

Criminal Ancestors & The Politics of Justice

Almost every historical family has members who've been labelled as 'criminals'. But what does this mean? How common was it for people to become lawbreakers in different times & places. What were the consequences? What was the experience of arrest, trial and punishment like for both criminals and their families? What does it mean and how does it feel to have criminal ancestors?

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Raphael Samuel Memorial Lecture

Professor Hazel Carby will speak about her new book "Imperial Intimacies: A Tale of Two Islands". A haunting & evocative history of British empire, told through one woman's family story. She will be introduced by Professor Catherine Hall and the live, online talk will be followed by a Q&A. 16th June - More information coming soon

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A BIG thank you to our funders the British Academy for making these workshops possible!

Get Involved With:

Telling Small Stories, Telling Big Stories Event

We will explore:

  • How historians (of all types) might better collaborate through family history
  • The ethical, methodological and political challenges of family history
  • How family history can change the way we think about our history and our present
  • How we might go about placing family histories in broader historical and political contexts and
  • How family history and genealogy might help more ‘traditional’ historians understand their subjects

We invite expressions of interest from academic historians, family historians and genealogists (of any description) with significant experience (formal or informal) who would like to give short, informal presentations or contribute to panel conversations on these topics.

Please send your expressions of interest (150 words or less) to Julia Laite at j.laite@bbk.ac.uk indicating what you are working on and what topic you might like to speak to at the event. We may not be able to accommodate all requests to speak, but all will be welcome to attend the online event!

Other events...

Historians across Boundaries with the Institute of Historical Research (IHR)

We are excited to announce a series of interactive seminars, designed to help bring researchers interested in the past together, whatever their backgrounds or particular research focus. We want to share best practice and work out how we can encourage greater collaboration.

As part of this series (in order to help you share your thoughts and continue the chat outside of the seminar sessions), we’ll be conducting regular twitter hours on a Wednesday at 8pm. Look for #HistoryHour or follow us on Twitter @HistCollab.

To sign up to the seminar sessions, please visit the IHR page by clicking the button below.