Hello! Wondering who we are? 

We are a voluntary group of historians from all different types of disciplines, with a broad range of interests, experiences and skills.

Unlock the benefits of collaboration.

The one thing we all have in common is a love of history AND a passionate belief in the benefits of working collaboratively. We believe that whatever your role, profession or project, there’s a community out there just waiting for you. After all, aren’t we all seeking a deeper understanding of the past?

Selfies of Historians Collaborate volunteers

Why collaborate?

Why do we need to collaborate? What are the obstacles and how can we overcome them?

How to collaborate?

Explore a wide range of projects showcasing different ways for historians to collaborate with one another. 

Play with collaboration

Play with our timeline stories to see how different types of history connect & enrich our understanding of the past.

Who are we?

Who are the Historians Collaborate volunteers anyway? Where do they come from and how did they meet?

Upcoming Events

Historians across Boundaries with the Institute of Historical Research (IHR)

We are excited to announce a series of interactive seminars, designed to help bring researchers interested in the past together, whatever their backgrounds or particular research focus. We want to share best practice and work out how we can encourage greater collaboration.

As part of this series (in order to help you share your thoughts and continue the chat outside of the seminar sessions), we’ll be conducting regular twitter hours on a Wednesday at 8pm. Look for #HistoryHour or follow us on Twitter @HistCollab.

To sign up to the seminar sessions, please visit the IHR page by clicking the button below.

Family History Workshops

Details coming soon!